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Released May 2019

APHYXION has pushed and perfected their sound even further with songs that will warm the neck muscles, make you loose your voice and press replay again and again. Void presents a more contemporary and alternative songwriting taking big chances by stepping even further away from their death metal heritage.

“Better at being In Flames than In Flames themselves… APHYXION is probably one of the best god damn Danish metal bands out there!” – Jonathan Pirchard – HeavyMetal.dk


Released December 2016

APHYXION are not the ones to succomb to genre definitions. This was proven by their acclaimed and succesful release, Aftermath, which switched between death metal and metalcore genre borders, creating something that would elevate the band to a new level. Aftermath swept the European heavy scene during 2017 and 2018, and the album has streamed more than 2 million times seeing the band play over 100 shows all over Europe.

Powerplay Magazine (UK) comments: “‘Earth Entangled’ is a marvelously heavy and fresh listening experience. Aphyxion are surely destined for big things…”


Released September 2014

Their very first full-length album, “Earth Entangled” is produced, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Mercenary e.g.) and the APHYXION’s own guitarist, Jonas Haagensen.

A perfect teamwork during the recordings of the album has ensured a tight and powerful sound. Strong riffs, melodic choruses, ass-kicking breakdowns and mind-blowing vocals are all aspects of “Earth Entangled”. A strong combination of catchy guitar-riffs and groovy death/thrash metal makes this album stand out.

The Guardian comments: “Simultaneously fresh-faced and ferocious, they attack every last riff and roar on debut album Earth Entangled like slavering cacodaemon from the mean streets of, erm, Ribe. This is straightforward modern metal with no gimmicks, and all the better for it.”